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Partnership: Civic & 2key boost each other’s Business Development!

We’re proud to announce that Civic is one of the first integrators available to 2key contractors!

Integrators play an important role in 2key Network and are just one of the many ways with which the 2key ecosystem is designed to bridge the gap between DApps and centralized apps. App developers have access to a swath of readily available resources to ensure that everything beside building is taken care of by external service providers. DApp developers, on the other hand, have to seek out each third-party integration one by one; not only do they need to build their product, they must also make partnerships that enable greater functionality of their development.

The lack of resources available to DApp developers hampers the prospects of DApps, slows their development timeline, and discourages greater participation in the growth of the decentralized world. 2key’s ability to offer DApps access to integrators is a milestone in the road to growing the prominence of DApps.

Integrators are third-party service providers that can offer some form of value-add to any DApp.

2key Protocol involves various smart contracts that automatically sync the DApps, which are built upon the Protocol, with integrators. It also enables DApp users to connect with integrators’ services. DApps offer third-party businesses a growth opportunity and 2key makes access to this business development incredibly easy with the delivery of APIs.

Once DApps draw customers, their users will have access to supplementary services offered by integrators, thereby enhancing the user experience DApps offer while also creating a symbiotic relationship between DApps and service providers of all sizes.

In fact, DApps could even claim a portion of the revenue they drive for an integrator.

Stepping Stones: 2key Network x Civic

2key Network is the first DApp built on the 2key Protocol, which is a layer-two scalability solution.

2key Network is an advanced referral marketing solution that can be used by any person or business to draw attention to virtually anything. The Network’s main delivery is the Smart Link, which is a binding of smart contracts with HTTP links (web links). Contractors can use 2key Network to launch referral campaigns; integrators that join the 2key ecosystem can offer services that complement the goal or conversion of the campaign.

Civic is an incredible example of a desirable value-add that contractors could need.

Civic offers a decentralized KYC service. Contractors that launch campaigns that involve any form of investment are likely to need KYC verification for any person who wants to invest in the product pitched by the campaign.

Screenshot of 2key sign-up page with Civic integration.

Rather than having to search for a KYC provider and then forwarding potential investors to an external platform for verification, contractors can simply integrate Civic’s service within their referral campaign so that the conversion of a referral can move from interested investor to a sealed investor with great ease.

For example, a project hosting a token sale can allow referred investors to pass KYC through Civic’s services and then invest into the token, without having to push the referred investor off their token sale page on 2key. The presence of integrators makes it possible for supplementary services to be available within 2key Network, so user conversion involves less friction.

Paying Integrators

Contractors must pay integrators in 2KEY tokens.

Once a campaign is launched, contractors can deposit a lump-sum amount of 2KEY to ensure they have enough tokens for integrator payment when referrals start flowing in.

As 2key Network is designed to be a resource for the masses, it utilizes 2key’s Exchange Contract to offer a convenient service to contractors who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency exchanges or even utility tokens. Contractors have the option to deposit digital assets beside 2KEY, including Ether, which can be easily acquired by somewhat mainstream services like Coinbase. Deposited Ether will be automatically converted to 2KEY, by the exchange contract, at the very instant an integrator needs to be paid.

This draws a consistent source of liquidity and organic demand for 2KEY tokens, while also simplifying the process of integrator payment. As the exchange contract offers a convenient service, it charges a small fee by creating a spread between the price of acquiring 2KEY and the price charged to contractors. You can learn more about network fees through the 2KEY Token Economy article.

On a closing note, it’s worth mentioning that a future announcement will disclose an integrator that will enable contractors to easily use fiat, through a payment card, to acquire Ether without even leaving the 2key Network. This makes the use of 2key Network incredibly accessible as anyone with mere access to a payment card as it’ll be possible to instantly deposit funds for referral contracts and integrator payments.

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We invite you to have a firsthand experience of our breakthrough solution — Smart Links — on our testnet (https://test.2key.io/); you can be the pioneering drive in the first feasible solution in the scramble to decentralize the web.



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