Reasoning for Smart contracts with Temporal Logic

Yoram Kornatzky
Oct 22, 2018 · 8 min read

We propose using temporal logic to reason on Ethereum smart contracts. These are initial first steps in our research intended to start a discussion in the blockchain community.

Smart Contracts

Reasoning on Smart Contracts

Temporal Logic of Concurrent Programs

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Linear Temporal Logic

Branching Time Temporal Logic

Propositional vs First-Order Logic

Temporal Logic Operators

Liveness and Safety

The Blockchain as a Model of Time

Multiple Possible Timelines

Our Choice: Linear Temporal Logic

Is Time Discrete or Continuous?

Using Linear Temporal Logic for Describing Smart Contracts

A Basic Storage Smart Contract

contract BasicStorage {

uint storedData;

function set(uint x) {
storedData = x;

function get() constant returns (uint) {
return storedData;

Temporal Logic Statements for the Storage Contract

A Smart Contract for Real-Estate Purchase

contract Purchase {
address lawyer;
address buyer;
address seller;

uint256 amountDue;

uint256 startTime;
uint256 timeToLive;

bool approvedBuyer;
bool approvedLawyer;

constructor(address _buyer, address _seller, uint256 _amountDue, _uint256 timeToLive) public {
lawyer = msg.sender;
buyer = _buyer;
seller = _seller;
amountDue = _amountDue;
startTime = _timeToLive;
timeToLive = _timeToLive;

modifier canWithdraw() {
approvedBuyer && approvedLawyer;

modifier didExpire() {
now > startTime + timeToLive;

function approve() public {
if (msg.sender == buyer) {
approvedBuyer = true;
} else if (msg.sender == owner) {
approvedLawyer = true;

function() payable {

function withdraw(uint256 _amount) canWithdraw() public returns(bool) {
require(_amount < = this.balance);
require(msg.sender == seller);

function expire() public didExpire() returns(bool) {
require(msg.sender == buyer);
require(this.balance > 0);


Temporal Logic Statements for the Real-Estate Contract


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