Status Update: Testnet & Production

eiTan LaVi
Jul 16, 2018 · 3 min read

TLDR: We’re hard at work on it, and aim to have a version out for public testing in the next couple of months.

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Sparks of Production

Long Version: There’s already a live POC but it’s more of a dev tool, and it’s a bit hard to know your way around without being guided (which is what we do in presentations). We use it internally for helping us debug the offchain-onchain interfaces and the solidity flow, which is quite complex since it’s composed of very intricate multi-party blockchain architectures and crypto protocols playing out mostly offchain, but also via plasma and mainchain plugins, which we’re also implementing..

We’re also building quite interesting aux. infra to help with early adoption and financial optimisation of the onchain touches (which are still required as we’re serving as a second layer to the base blockchain, and sync to it periodically), namely what started out as a gas-station is turning into an “Ethereum Firewall” (Seems our Chief Scientist Udi Ben-Reuven who led Engineering in just couldn’t resist developing this).

We took a while to ramp up the solidity in the POC to production level grade, which we’re now in testing phase of, after which we’ll conduct a security audit by multiple trusted 3rd parties (e.g. Hosho).

On the UI side: our fully designed WebDapps and Mobile Apps for Android and IOS are also in advanced dev, as we’re now fitting the UIs to serve the first 2key campaign type we’ll be rolling out (Token Acquisition Campaign — empowering blockchain projects to seamlessly sell their tokens online via Social Sourcing).

We’re now in process of integrating the ready portions from the POC back into to the fully designed UIs. When the migrations and refitting will be finished (in about 6–8 weeks if our delivery rate is great), we will then conduct a round of penetration testing by trusted 3rd party auditors.

And then.. we’ll be ready to start handing out bug bounties for helping us test it all out :)

We’re still hoping to run at least some of our token sale with our own service.. so if we really deliver you’ll be able to actually buy 2KEY tokens using a 2key Campaign running in an MVP production..

But no promises on timelines as of yet, since there are too many variables at play to predict. I can attest that we’re running on multiple dev trajectories and considering the complexities, we’re advancing in good pace. For example, we’re finding ourselves developing novel CICD flows for solidity integration into frontend code, we find ourselves augmenting the solidity language itself, to make more flexible uses of parametrised calls to contracts.. We’re actually pushing the barriers in almost every path of our development, from infra, to protocol, to algo, to product. It’s quite easy to reach the barriers actually, since everything is so new, but this just means we need to constantly iterate on just how much and where to fix/develop ourselves and when to integrate and rely on others.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated as we progress, and we view the feedback from the community as one of the base foundations for our development.



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