If you thought the Angel’s Flight park (500 Days Of Summer) had good views, here’s a couple more!

5 LA parks that have views of the Los Angeles skyline.

Since we are posting so much about the “dine” let’s switch it up and post a “live” article about LA.

1. The parking lot park with a view.

One of the newest spots that we found and we love this unobstructed views of DTLA from the newly developing area in the Arts District of Los Angeles.

Go to the Smorgasburg LA parking lot (785 Bay St, Los Angeles, CA 90021) and drive to the 10th floor roof top. There you will find this view and an interesting concrete park.

2. The view from the Hollywood Bowl

Catch this view from the Hollywood Bowl Lookout (7036 Mulholland Dr, Hollywood, CA 90068)

3. The view from the “tear drop” park in Echo Park

The drawback of Everett Park is that there is a big tree blocking the view of the city, but it’s a trade off to get a quiet view in this residential park which is also one of the few parks with a view that is accessible at night.

This park is located slightly off Sunset blvd. in Echo Park. Search it on Google Maps under: Everett Park, Los Angeles, CA 90026

4. The Natural Park in the middle of the city

Did you know there’s a lush NATURAL PARK in the middle of Los Angeles? It’s called Vista Hermosa Park and it is possibly one of our favorite places in LA. You might have seen pictures of its infamous bench that puts the 500 Days of Summer bench to shame.

Slightly west of DTLA sits this gorgeous natural treasure that you seriously will not see if you’re not looking for it. Chances are, if you’ve never been, you’ve probably passed it. Find it here: 100 N Toluca St, Los Angeles, CA 90026

5. Griffith

Can’t make a park list with views of LA without mentioning this one. The mountain range of Griffith park makes for an unlimited number of opportunities to take in the LA views.

You know where it is, drive to it, hike it, Google Map it.


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