All You Can Eat Brazilian Pizza!

Culver City’s hidden gem with some unique and tasty pizzas!

Bella Vista in Culver City is a small shop that sits at one end of a Brazilian shopping center which it shares an indoor courtyard with. This unique gem serves delicious pizzas that you normally would not find at your local Pizza Hut. If you are not familiar with this kind of pizza, then you start off with what we got; FRAGO COM CATUPIRY (kind of like a chicken salad with catupiry, which is a Brazilian creamy cheese). Feeling hungry? THEY HAVE AYCE! If you’re checking this place out during a weekend though, make sure you make reservations for the AYCE!

AYCE pricing:

Monday-Friday lunch pricing — $12.99 a person

Monday-Thursday dinner pricing (from 6pm-10pm) $15.99 a person

Friday dinner pricing (from 6pm-10pm) $17.99 a person

Saturday-Sunday (all day) $17.99