Skip The Food & Go Straight For The Dessert!

The new sushi / ramen spot, Ramen Roll, has OKAY food but might be our favorite Culver City gelato place!

Heard there was a new ramen/sushi roll place made by the founder of Umami in Culver City called RamenRoll. Located right on Culver Blvd in the old Picnic LA spot, this quick casual Asian-esque spot, offers another option to grub at for Sony employees. We got there early to avoid the lines caused by buzz that EATER LA and the like, have given this place. Service was great and we got our orders in quickly. I ended up getting a ramen and 4 sushi roll combo (since that seemed like the thing to get here) called the “heavy metal” ( word play from “rock and roll” … or…er…RamenRoll). The rolls we’re OKAY, especially when you’ve had Kazu Nori and the truffle ramen (which added $4) I ordered was kind of average as well. At the end of the meal, I was left kind of unsatisfied and left with a $25 check. TBH, for the namesake, the ramen and the rolls were just kind of OKAY. Alright, enough with the food. They should’ve just called this place RamenRoll/Gelato bar because the real star of this place was the gelato!

Seriously though, I would go to this ramen and sushi roll place strictly to get their gelato. With a custom dairy farm sending in the milk for this stuff, and an emphasis on quality ingredients and process, these handmade batches of flavors are churned out of their fancy gelato machine and flavors rotated around daily.

What to get:

Skip the over priced bland ramen and mediocre sushi rolls and GET THE GELATO. We got the a two scooper with the s’mores and Nutella gelato, and IT WAS AMAZING.

Where to find this:

9900 Culver Blvd #1b, Culver City, CA 90232


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Curated Food Recommendations from an L.A. Native