2nd Friday Issue #3, 2017

As always lately, it seems getting something out the door for me for this is a bit of a challenge.

Windows 10 — Its about time!

I discovered this feature while I was updating some settings around my taskbar in Windows 10. You can now make PowerShell the default instead of just a command prompt!

Microsoft has been adding and expanding PowerShell for years, but even I still default to command prompt for a lot of things. Not so much out of need as out of habit.

Window 95 Startup Sound

Microsoft has been around for 42 years this Month (April). Hard to believe in thinking about it being that long. One of the things that popped up was bout the Windows 95 Startup sound (http://mentalfloss.com/article/50824/creating-windows-95-startup-sound). It is an iconic sound. What I didn’t know previously is who created the sound. Brian Eno, is a 6-time Grammy award winning composer who created the sound. Unless you listen to a lot of “Ambient” music (and know who the artists are that compose that music) you’ve probably never heard of him before. I know I hadn’t.

Bonus, he composed the sound on a Mac. And according to an interview with him had never used a PC before. You can check out this video (All Windows Startup And Shutdown Sounds.wmv) or this one (All Windows Sounds | Windows 1.0 — Windows 10) if you want to roll through all the Windows startup sounds.

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