Parking at Oslo Airport goes digital with Autopay

Mikkel Neple
Mar 26, 2019 · 2 min read

As of March 8th, 2019, Autopay manages all 23 000 parking spots at Oslo Airport. Autopay replaces the existing barriers and ticket spitters with a state of the art ANPR solution.

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Autopay is a complete ANPR based parking revenue management system developed by 2Park. The Autopay solution is live in 8 countries and over 100 locations, handling 40+ million parking sessions per year and generating over 100 million USD in parking revenue.

The launch of Autopay at Oslo Airport has been the result of close cooperation between the parking operator ONEPARK, the system architects 2Park and Avinor who runs the airport.

Before launch Autopay went through a year long testing period on the Oslo Airport fore-court which functions as a drop-off area for passengers. Autopay was used to enforce a time limit that cars were allowed to spend in this area. Through this solution, Autopay was able to reduce abuse by 50% resulting in zero congestion and increased revenues for Avinor.

“With this solution, it will be even easier to park at Oslo Airport, since the new system automatically detects all cars entering the parking areas. We have already tested the solution on the Airport fore-court…”

2Park has worked closely with Avinor to understand the challenges that are unique for Airport parking. This has resulted in integrations, adjustments and new developments across the platform. Booking integration allows Avinor to continue using its existing booking platform with Autopay and the integration with the personnel system streamlines the authentication and distribution of parking permits to six thousand airport staff across more than 200 different companies.


2Park Technologies

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