2Sync relaunches Poland Dedicated Servers in Gdańsk

2Sync Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is proud to announce the relaunch of our Poland Dedicated Servers which are now housed in ArtNet datacenter located in Gdańsk, Poland.

Why a relaunch?

We were offering Poland dedicated server from 2016 which were housed in Atman datacenter. But now, we shifted to ArtNet datacenter which is located in Gdańsk.

What does it mean?

We improved on a lot of traits and also restructured the pricing of dedicated servers (yes, the will cost you less now ;))
Also, the network has drastically been improved over the years. New exchanges, backup uplinks, fiber, etc. have been added.

Some facts & figures about the datacenter:

  1. Network
  • 5 optical fibers entering the building from different sides
  • - Carrier-neutral data center, diversified providers connect to the datacenter (several exits to the global network and traffic exchange points)
  • Dynamic BGP routing
  • Participant in the EPIX project — the largest non-commercial, neutral and independent IP traffic exchange node in Poland

2. Power Security

  • Redundancy of power supply
  • Two transformers supplying the server room
  • Two Fogo generator sets (Volvo, Iveco engines)
  • UPS N + 1 system (Benning)

3. Security

  • The VESDA early-detection smoke detection system
  • Automatic Gas extinguishing system
  • 24-hour physical protection of the datacenter
  • Camera system
  • Server room access control system
  • No flood risk

Want to know more? You can check our Poland Datacenter page.

To order any of the Poland Dedicated Server you can visit our website or drop us an email on contact[‘a’t’]2sync.co

For any queries, feel free to contact us.