[FIX] Windows Server 2008/2012 VM not logging in

Recently a lot of our clients at 2Sync have complained that after receiving the Windows VPS details they are unable to log in via Windows Remote Desktop application (mstsc). The reason is simple and it will take less than a minute to fix the issue.

The problem? Windows Server Firewall. You’ll have to disable it.

But how will you login to your server if you cannot connect to it? We do provide VNC connectivity. So follow the below simple steps to connect via VNC:

  • Goto your My Services
  • Click on you VPS
  • Now click on VNC
  • Launch HTML5 VNC Client

Now enter your administrator password and enter your Windows VPS.

Disable the Public Firewall from the Server Manager.

Try connecting to the Windows VPS via mstsc now.
If you still face any issue then let us know via ticket.