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Part 5 — Why All Improvements Are Not Made Equal

And what that means about your improvement efforts in task management

The Problem

In terms of our task management, most of us have imperfect methods. Once we become informed, we see there are lots of gaps we could fill and many apps which would help.

But the challenge is to decide which improvements are the most important to make. Something inside tells us that they aren’t all made equal.

In fact, if given a few examples, we’d probably agree that there are some super-improvements that lead to superior results. In the same way there are super-foods like water which have an outsized effect on our health, there might be upgrades which have the same effect.

We call this idea “Pareto Improvements” based on our analysis of thousands of data points gathered in face-to-face training over a decade.

Why is This Important?

If you agree that there are no such things as one-size-fits-all solutions to the challenge of task management, you recognize a challenge. You can’t simply copy what other people do.

Instead, you must make your own way. As you do so, it’s better to make high-potential Pareto Improvements. Using them means that you spend less time and effort and achieve a bigger bang for your buck.

What’s the Link to the Rapid Assessment Program (RAP)?

During the program, you learn how task management works — as a whole system. This helps you focus on the parts of your system which are more potent than others…given your current situation. Your personalized diagnosis points you in the right direction.

Over time, expect your Pareto Improvements to shift as your skills develop, fresh technologies are introduced, and your task volume increases. This game of sifting between upgrade opportunities never ends.

Find out more about the MyTimeDesign Rapid Assessment Program in this webinar.



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