3 bullets on humane tech…

Safety Champion
May 7 · 1 min read

Love tech? So do we! But sometimes using social media and other tech can turn sour leading to addiction, isolation, etc. Don’t worry though, the humane tech movement is on the case. Read our bullets…

one. Humane tech embraces humanity, rather than exploiting it. And all those tech giants are starting to catch up on the fact they’ve gotta do better. Read more.

two. Wanna hear more from Tristan Harris — the ‘conscience of Silicone Valley’? Watch him in this video. Though it’s long — it’s worth watching.

three. Keep an eye on the Centre for Humane Technology and what they have to say. We can expect better from tech. Yay!

Thankfully, Safety Champion is already humane tech. Phew. We’re not out to get you hooked on our tech or to steal your data or anything sinister. We simply use tech to encourage positive behaviour change in workplace safety. The kind of change that will ultimately keep you and your colleagues safer, healthier and happier at work.

If you like our bullets and you like our style… maybe you’ll like our tech that helps businesses manage health and safety at work better. safetychampion.com.au

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

3 bullets on…

every so often we write 3 short ‘n sweet bullets on a useful topic to motivate you to make awesome change happen in your workplace. we are health and safety, psychology, & tech people that care about this. 3 bullets is for people — like us — who want to make being at work better.

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