3 bullets on psychological safety…

Safety Champion
Dec 11, 2018 · 1 min read

Ok, yes… we’ve used one of those cheesy ‘collaboration’ pics with all the happy workers high-fiving each other in team membership bliss. You’re thinking, teamwork doesn’t always look like that. But, why not? Here are our bullets…

Hey Google, “What’s the most important factor in building successful teams?” Well, Google’s famous research ‘Project Aristotle’ says, it’s psychological safety.

We love him. You love him. Simon Sinek. And, the ‘circle of safety’ is what he calls it — the kind of work environment that inspires trust. Spare 12 mins to watch this.

Psychological safety is no doubt something that we believe in at our work. Everyone can have their say and everyone is respected. Here’s some of our tips.

Think back to a time you’ve been in a poor-functioning team. Not so fun was it? That’s exactly your motivation to build psychologically safer teams.

You actually do have the power to do that. No matter what role you play in the team!

If you like our bullets and you like our style… maybe you’ll like our tech… that helps businesses do health and safety at work better. safetychampion.com

3 bullets on…

every so often we write 3 short ‘n sweet bullets on a useful topic to motivate you to make awesome change happen in your workplace. we are health and safety, psychology, & tech people that care about this. 3 bullets is for people — like us — who want to make being at work better.

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