Once I dreamed of a warm, raining afternoon in autumn.

A Flash Fiction


My leather jacket and boots were on, keeping my skin from the falling droplets. As I swiftly made it through the woods and ravines with my motorbike, I slid and hit a giant tree avoiding a lynx crossing the road. I passed out for… oh I didn’t know for how long. I woke up finding out my helmet broken and the shield shattered, turned out nothing really hurt me. The sun was almost disappeared and my only navigation was just my instinct. Maybe I did fall off the cliff.

I left my bike behind then went exploring the unknown path. It was a wood. Falling leaves were everywhere, wet as well. They smelt really good. When I walked down the way, I was thinking of the reason why I rode my bike in the rain. So my memory from the night before flashed suddenly.

That night was terrible. I told my mom there was an intruder in our house, well I told her actually it was a haunting spirit, she didn’t believe me. Here’s what really happened. I saw something dragging a boy from the other room; yes we lived in a mansion with other families. I did not really saw it, but I was sure I saw their silhouettes. I went down to the kitchen and heard step sounds, breaths, and giggles. I dared not even another step. I ran upstairs so quickly and my brain kept thinking of something horrifying. At the last stair, I swore in God’s name something poked my left foot. It was cold. I wanted to scream but it wouldn’t come out of my mouth. As I remembered this far that night I went to bed and covered myself under the blanket hoping the sun would come up as soon as possible.

Quite far I had been walking this forest, in the middle of nowhere, there was a cabin. “I’m not in a horror movie.” I thought. Without hesitation I opened the door and stepped inside it. Nothing was scary, in fact, nothing was really in it. But there were these gaffes; I was floating and this room was divided in two tones. I gasped and my hands were in the air trying to reach the wall. I couldn’t even touch a bit of the wall; instead, I floated and was forced to the other side of the room. Then I realized when I flied passed the glassed window, half of it was night and half of it was still afternoon. At the end I finally reached the door, I didn’t think of anything else but to get out of it. It made my stomach growl.

I touched the ground again! Yeay! But the sky was so dark, only moonlight lightened my way. I wondered why the sky was so dark and those fallen leaves were dried as hell. But it didn’t keep me from getting away from that forest. I walked to where my feet brought me and it ended up at the backyard of my house, yeah the mansion. I sneaked around and knocked on the window of one of the children’s room. That little boy smiled at me and opened the window so I could get in. But he insisted to get a pay back; making him a sandwich. So then I did. We both quietly headed to the kitchen and made him some sandwich. This clumsy boy couldn’t make it silent, he dropped a glass unintentionally. I heard someone was going down the stairs. I was shocked and without thinking, I carried the boy and tucked him to his bed. I told him to shut up. Then as quick I ran after that someone, I ran to the stairs intending to apologize because of the noise in the middle of the night. As I got at the stairs, no one was there but there was blood on a wild sharp nail. I then looked at my left foot; I got dried blood stain and a scratch. Now my head spun.

The end

I told you, it was a dream. I had this dream last year. So I put it on medium as a story.