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3 Minute Thoughts

Sonnet of Ash

A Poem by Gideon 6ix

Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko on Unsplash

What Mayhem came long before?
We could not resist damnation,
Rising above our limited station
The guise of happiness, fallen, torn.
Now, we lay, in pieces so ragged,
the crisp edges, go cutting.
Our recent sins are unforgiving.
Life for love, now fasted.
Is it just we go, blindly
On to the next stage, the next act?
A craven history to move past.
For the mistakes, we know and carry.
Let memory turn to…



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Gideon 6ix

Gideon 6ix

Top Writer- Poetry, Editor, Publisher for 3 Minute Thoughts, Poetry Novice, Crypto Enthusiast, https://linktr.ee/gideon6ix