Path of the Sparrow

Photo by Magda Ehlers

Soaring past fast trajectory, Camaro
Unlimited arrow(s) outlast
Impacting society’s bone marrow
Flesh outfitting for cast
Window outlooking weather forecast
Scene surrounding dominant eye
Correct stance — Dominant try
Opposition door knocking
Nocking — Arrow locking
Grasping string guitar thing
Ready — Bow hand
Support system steady bow stand
Armed prepared to illustrate
Drawing hands archer point disintegrate
Sparrow unlocking cage
Turning aim locking page
Releasing point
Follow-through analysis
Meditation — Disorderly paralysis
Guiding flapping passing glide
Undulating ride casting aside
Swirling static soaring
Thunderstruck fabric touring
Thor controlling pouring
Shockingly exploring
Empty quiver
Shiver behind every slither
All piercing sideways
Striking Chevrolets riding highways



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