Submitting a story at ‘3 Minutes of Design’

TL;DR Reading time less than 3 minutes, no clickbait

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

If you are interested in becoming a writer at ‘3 Minutes of Design’, fill this form Here, we ask you to add a link of writeup you wish to feature with the publication.

Currently, we have given criteria for approval

  • The article should have a read time of 3 minutes or less as per Medium’s standard. Based on Medium’s blog, the reading time is calculated as roughly 275 words per minute. Also, for images, read time is estimated by taking 12 seconds for the first image, 11 for the second, and so on till 3 seconds for the tenth image. Any images after the tenth image are counted at three seconds.

Approval might take around 48hours so be patient. In case the article is not approved within that timeframe, you can simply assume it is not the right fit for this publication.

That’s all. Keep writing.

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