3 Minutes
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3 Minutes

Letting the Hands Fly

Haymaker Freestyle

Photo by Pixabay

Spamming punches
Until Quasimodo hunches
Month-long sipping lunches
Wishing well, kissing bunches
Every round, two cents
Chest cavity two dents
Walkout cheesing
Night ends wheezing
Nostril bends sneezing
Internal combustion appeasing
Power found
Intake punches entire round
Compression absorbing oppression
Cannabis toke combustion power stroke
Energetically costing
Visibly exhausting…



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Benjamin Workman

Benjamin Workman


Refer to me as the out-of-mind kind with a kind mind. Machiavelli meets Peter Petrelli. He doesn't drive, so find him atop Yeti, showered in confetti.