You can’t go to Tallahassee without getting a slice at Momo’s Pizza!

Momo’s Pizza is a Tallahassee legend when it comes to local pizza. With their motto of “Pizza slices bigger than yo head” it is smart to take them for their word. The pizza slices are literally bigger than the plate they are served on. Their Tennessee Street location is within walking distance of campus and the stadium, so it is always a great idea to stop in after classes for a slice and a beer or to cool off after a hot afternoon football game.

The atmosphere is very relaxed and has many hipster, and college related framed pictures of celebrities and posters. The music is always a nice alternative rock or pop style of music which is enjoyable to listen to when I eat and hang out with friends, not too loud. It is a restaurant targeted at college students and staffed by many college students so the service leaves something to be desired.

The prices are very fair for the size of the slices and options available for toppings. Each monster slice was covered in toppings and was very hot and fresh tasting. There was a mild but noticeable sweetness to the taste of the dough of the pie. There is a bar that serves the standard draft beers but also offers some local breweries beers on draft and has specialty and IPA beers by the bottle. I tried a slice of the meat lovers and a slice of the “Up in Smoke” (bacon, spinach, garlic, red onions, gouda, jalapeños, and mozzarella cheese). Both were very flavorful and amazingly delicious. Very content with my choices.

Overall a great experience on my part. I left feeling very full after just 1 slice and took a slice home with me. Be careful if you get a whole pizza, the pizza and box included could end up being bigger than the hood of your car!

Rating: 4/5

A Slice of the “Up in Smoke” Pizza