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Letter sent on Mar 24, 2016

3 to read: The epic journey of Dropbox | The art of the smear | News tips from news geeks

By Matt Carroll <@MattatMIT>

Some excellent reads this week.

The epic story of Dropbox’s exodus from the Amazon cloud empire: The epic journey of Dropbox: Dropbox moved to the cloud. Sounds dull as mud for a story, right? Which it should be, unless you have a master writer tell the tale. A fascinating take.

The art of the smear: What happens when a troll takes on a Bloomberg reporter? It’s not pretty, but the troll is getting the worst of it.

Tips for news geeks, by news geeks: Every year journalism geeks get together in their annual conference to chat, trade job news and — of course — share cool tips and hacks. Check them out.

BONUS: Can ‘Spotlight’ save journalism? Hell no, but …: … it can provide a lift to journalists and give a push to more investigative reporting. The news world has taken a vicious battering over the past decade. Now here’s a movie that’s given reporters and editors an emotional lift. A personal view, from someone in the movie (me).

Matt Carroll runs the Future of News initiative at the MIT Media Lab.

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