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Letter sent on Mar 16, 2016

3 to read: Twitter’s savior? | Gender bias in news stories | Mobile’s cool design opportunities

By Matt Carroll <@MattatMIT>

A busy week:

— Saving the “fail whale”: Everyone and their mother is kicking around poor Twitter. Can new CEO Jack Dorsey turn around the fail whale? Well, if anyone can, he’s the guy to do it, say people interviewed by Erin Griffith of Fortune.

— It’s still a man’s world: Gender bias in news stories. Atlantic writer Adrienne LaFrance set out to improve the gender balance in the people she interviewed for her stories. Guess what: It ain’t that easy a problem to fix. A fascinating peek at the gender numbers.

— Mobile’s cool design opp: Yes, that smartphone screen is tiny compared with desktop. But for designers it turns out that mobile offers fascinating opportunities that desktop can’t touch. Interviews with top news designers.

Matt Carroll runs the Knight Foundation-funded Future of News initiative at the MIT Media Lab.