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Letter sent on Feb 17, 2016

Messaging apps: the new social? | A student remembers David Carr | Investigative reporting, 1872-style

By Matt Carroll <@MattatMIT>

Some fun stuff this week.

  • Messaging is the new social: I should be ashamed of myself for knowing so little about WhatsApp, SnapChat etc. An interesting peek at why they are on the rise. Newsrooms: figure them out fast.
  • Remembering David Carr: Carr of the New York Times was such a great, unique voice. A year after his death, a student remembers David as a wonderful teacher, who was pushy in all the right ways.
  • Investigative journalism, 1872-style: This may come as a shock to some, but Woodward & Bernstein did not invent investigative journalism It’s been around for a long, long time. Here’s a very cool story about (the horrible) life inside an insane asylum in the 1800s.
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