The Internet is dead; platforms rule | Best journalism of 2015 | What drove last year’s biggest story

By Matt Carroll <@MattatMIT>

Jan. 26, 2016: A trio of news media stories, videos, and data viz compiled weekly. Get notified via email? Email 3toread (at)

  1. The Internet is dead. It’s all about the platforms: So says Ev Williams, founder of Blogger, Twitter and Medium. It comes down to ease of use and networks of followers, which is what the platforms are all about, he says. And pretty soon, there will only be a handful of platforms: “There’s going to be a convergence of distribution points for media…. And it’s going to make less and less sense to publish on the Web.” (Text summary, with a long podcast.) If that sounds a little grim, here’s the counterpoint: Dave Winer ☮, who worries about what happens when the platforms take over, writes: Stop publishing on Medium (in a post he copies to Medium). Publish to the Web instead, says Winer. Stop rewarding platforms that discourage creativity.
  2. The best online journalism and storytelling of 2015: Now a little fun. Here are “40 Amazing Reporting Projects You Might Have Missed,” by Josh Stearns and Luis Gomez. Some cool stuff here.
  3. The data behind the most read article of 2015: A fascinating look by Josh Schwartz of Chartbeat at what drove the monster readership of The Atlantic’s “What ISIS really wants” over a period of months. Geeky? A little, yes. But let your geek flag fly and dive some into the numbers and charts to see the making of a huge story.

Matt Carroll runs the Future of News initiative at the MIT Media Lab.

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