From the Source

With so many techies, a world-class University, venture capitalists and yoga moms, I was surprised that Menlo Park, CA didn’t have more high-end coffee options available. So we took the easy way out and hit up an old bystander, Peet’s Coffee & Tea. I’d never been to one of their stores and figured that, being close to the source, I would get a better cup then I’ve experienced from their super market grinds or from our local Magnolia Bakery back in NYC.

After all, Peet’s is the company that is credited by many for starting the craft coffee business back in 1966.

We were in a hurry to get on our way southward to Monterey, so I jumped in to their store off Menlo’s main drag and asked for a drip and an iced coffee. As I sipped the steaming hot brew while driving slowly down Stanford’s magnificent Palm Drive, I certainly enjoyed their coffee, but was also reminded just how far the artisanal coffee business has blossomed in the past decade.

Peet’s Coffee — Menlo Park, CA
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