Since we were in the area, my niece, a Googler for the past year, offered to have us over for lunch where she works in Mountain View. We enjoyed catching up with her; and the cuisine was incredibly elevated and all free.

Because of my coffee blog, she also suggested that we head over to The Coffee Lab, located nearby in a cluster of buildings off Shorebird Way (not far from the Googleplex). Even though espresso can be found at numerous satellite stations all over campus, The Coffee Lab offers Google’s most comprehensive of coffee experiences. A little sleepy from our meal, I enthusiastically supported the idea.

Since it was just after lunch, the line for espresso drinks was quite long. After queuing up, I noticed a guy at a special pour-over bar called the Brewing Lab — with no line. We were in a hurry, so I jumped in behind him. The lab had a choice of beans, and various implements cleaned and ready to go, plus instructions.

It couldn’t have been easier. With a bit of assistance from the guy ahead of me, I followed the DIY step-by-step placard; picked out a filter, chose my beans, used the pre-set dedicated grinder on the proper setting, set up the cups and commenced pouring.

I watched as the grinds bloomed after my first go of the hot water. Making two cups simultaneously, I slowly filled each cone and stirred with a wooden spoon to even out the extraction process. Within minutes, I had two piping hot cups made from Google’s specially roasted Ethiopian beans.

Now, ready for the taste test . . . Oh baby, yes! Smooth, with character, balanced; not a hint of bitterness or chalk. And over-the-top decent compared to your typical office joe. I wondered, is Google taking applications? I could get used to this.

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