Hi-test Jitters in Seattle

After an early morning swim behind our gracious hosts’ Seward Park home, I set off before anyone had awaken to get an early morning cup. But where does one go for great coffee in a town with so many incredible caffeine dispensing options? I mean, Seattle’s coffee culture is legendary.

A wake-up swim in Seattle set the day up well.

So I did the only sensible thing; I got nostalgic. I had moved to New York from Seattle, where I spent almost a decade (late 80s, early 90s). During the time I was there, the coffee scene grew exponentially.

I fondly remember a small place in Fremont called ETG (or, Espresso-to-Go). Our friend Brent worked there and learned all he could about pulling the perfect espresso. He was also one of the first in Seattle to experiment with authentic Italian gelato. Many in Seattle consider ETG to be the second serious espresso place in the city, after Monorail Espresso. Now, there are thousands of coffee places.

Anyway, I went to my old neighborhood of Capitol Hill. A little research pointed me to Analog Coffee on Belmont Avenue, mere steps from a few different apartments I had lived in. Back then, you could work at a coffee shop 3–4 days per week and afford to share an apartment on “the Hill” with a few friends, play in a band, and generally be, well, groovy. Now, it takes a high-paying tech job to kick out the 2–4K needed for a nearby one bedroom.

Analog Coffee on Capitol Hill

Analog did not disappoint. My cortado came with a glass of sparkling water, a nice touch. My only complaint would be that there seemed to be so much caffeine in the coffee that I poggo-ed about for the next few hours.

After a leisurely hour spent at Analog (as scores of young, hip Seattleites passed through on their way down the hill to Downtown or Lake Union, home of Amazon), I headed a block away to Rudy’s Barbershop. My conversation with one of the barbers centered around “back-in-the-day” Seattle, when the rents were cheaper, the traffic manageable, and life a bit slower. If you want to read about Seatle back then, check out my recently published novel LADDY GROOVE (Two-Stroke Press, 2016).

However, those days are gone. Seattle is well on its way to becoming something much different then what it was way back when.

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