Past and Future in Spokane

I had forgotten that Spokane had hosted a World’s Exposition in 1974; that is until I went for a morning jog through downtown and saw the aging fair pavilions near the falls and river that dissect the city. Spokane is in the midst of a large scale refresh of the exposition site turned civic park, including the nearby downtown area. And I could see why. With Seattle’s tech explosion happening a mere four hours away, and the energy sector expanding in the other direction, Spokane is well-poised to benefit in some tangential, if not direct way.

Hotel Montvale surprised us with a glorious, second floor lobby and comfy rooms.
Falls and cable cars left from Expo ‘74

In fact, the city reminded me a bit of Seattle when I’d first moved there in the mid-80s. And since Seattle is the epicenter of the new coffee movement, I figured that Spokane would, by extension, have some decent coffee places.

I stopped a young guy sporting a slim tie and tattoos on his way to work, and asked for directions to a good coffee shop, as in, “really good”. He pointed me to Indaba Coffee just a few blocks away. His suggestion didn’t disappoint.

The first thing I noticed was their groovy Modbar under-counter espresso machine (American made in Ft. Wayne, Indiana). My cortado was extraordinary, the digs were cool, the art spare.

Indaba is a high recommend if you find your way to Spokane, Washington.

Indaba Coffee, Spokane, WA

Next stop, Seattle!

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