Rocky Mountain Jolt

After an incredible day driving to (and through) Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons, we just didn’t have the will to continue on to our original destination of Blackfoot, Idaho. Fortunately, we scored a luxurious (but hugely discounted) room in Jackson, Wyoming, an upscale ski town just south of the parks. After unloading the car, we set out into town for a late dinner.

Awaking the next morning to mountain fog, I enjoyed a high-altitude jog down Jackson’s sleepy back streets and nearby parkland. Next stop — our morning coffee. Noticing a town packed with international jet-setters, wealthy mountain denizens, and crunchy locals, I figured a truly great coffee experience would await me. First stop, Cowboy Coffee Co. on N. Cache, was busy and popular, but I was hoping for something more artisanal. I moved on to Jackson Hole Coffee Roasters a block or so away. Also busy and popular, it reminded me of the old school coffee places in Seattle back in the 80s. Café mochas and big muffins; sandwiches and flavored teas. Nothing wrong with that, but again, considering the international crowd milling about town, I decided to press on to see what else I could find.

A few blocks in the opposite direction, I found a head-turning boulangerie called Persaphone Bakery. The line out the door was a good sign. The queue moved pretty quickly, and once inside, the warm, homey interior made me want to take over a garden table for a couple of hours of writing. Noticing the full menu, wine/beer, and incredible looking baked goods, perhaps even the whole day.

But we were on a tight schedule. An Intellegentsia drip for myself, iced for my wife, and some beautiful muffins set us up well for the drive over the Tetons and northward to Spokane.

Persaphone Bakery, Jackson, WY

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