Who knew?

Cleveland. I think of cold, windy winter days. I think of great baseball, grilled kielbasa, and being somewhere between the Windy City and Western Pennsylvania. But, what do I know? I’ve never been there. Until now.

Truth be told, Cleveland surprised me. I saw beautiful homes, manicured lawns, rose gardens and cutting edge architecture. My family and I felt like trespassers in a public park that was practically empty at lunch time. It was as if heaven had come down to earth, if for just a brief moment.

We also found a welcoming coffee shop that was enchanting, and so very local. Although a local chain, Phoenix Coffee connected to our deep need to commune with our communities through food and drink.

University Heights coffee oasis.
Lily served us not just great coffee and a bite to eat, but a warm welcome to Cleveland.

For some reason, good coffee compliments great architecture. Here are some of the cool buildings at Case Western.

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