30-Day Challenge
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30-Day Challenge

My 30-Day Community Reading Challenge

I’m trying to make giving back my new normal

A vibrant and colourful swing carousel in motion, full of people. The high angle shot shows sunlight reflecting on the ride during the height of a sunny day. A clear blue sky is behind it. My 30 Day Community Reading Challenge — I’m trying to make giving back my new normal by committing myself to read and engage consistently with my Medium writing community for the whole of August.
Photo by Mariah Krafft on Unsplash

I’m opening August with — you guessed it — a new challenge! But not one you’d expect…

After writing about my entire Medium engagement knowledge, I unknowingly gained the $50 bonus for my June writing efforts! Being one of the top 2,000 writers on the platform felt like a huge milestone and being sent…




Become a better writer in 30 days with a writing challenge.

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