Day 16: It’s you.

It’s your sleepless nights, when you remember.

It’s you, awake, with your heart on a pause.

It’s your still breath, the silence of your trembling lips.

It’s you, feeling everything and nothing in time.

It’s your skin getting goose bumps, cold breeze on your hair.

It’s you, standing speechless, hearing only the wind.

It’s your look, trying to hide that you miss us.

It’s you, waving goodbye and choosing to hide.

It’s your everything, nothing and all in between.

It’s you, full of hope and surrender to life.

It’s your past, your present and future right now.

It’s you, when we met and kissed the first time.

It’y your tears, and a promise to stay.

It’s you, quietly shivering on my doorstep.

It’s your pain, your pleasure and nights making love.

It’s you on my bed and saying I love you.

It’s your smile, your eyes, your touch, your heart.

It’s you. Your fire. Your passion. Your love.

This post is a part of my 30 Days Writing Challenge. Wanna join me? ;)

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