Day 4: The sound of silence

How does the tree in the wind sound like? How do the leaves on the ground smell like? How does nature feel?

We got so used to a hectic life, always online, always connected, always on the grid, that we forgot how the silence sounds like.

We are so proud of being busy that we don’t recognize life of rich moments anymore. We think about tomorrow, we miss the “good old days”, we do everything to forget the present moment. And it’s the only moment that is really… real!

How about if we take some time for ourselves? How about if we take at least an hour a day to disconnect? To enjoy the present moment, breathe the air in the woods or just stare through the window?

Let’s change the perception. Let’s not be lonely, but be alone and present. Let’s not be sad, but be still in the moment. Let’s not think about the next moment and listen to our heartbeat right now.

Enjoy the silence.

Gregorian — The Sound of Silence

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