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5 habits make your productivity x10.

Day 25

1. Choose right MITs.

Your time is limited. You need to figure out clearly what is most important to you. But, some people are wrong about the Most Important Task (MIT).

  • MIT doesn’t mean it takes too much time to do it.
  • MIT doesn’t mean it is hard to you. You can delegate it if you can’t do it well.
  • MIT doesn’t mean it is urgency and nearly on deadline.

MIT means you can do it well, and it makes a huge impact on your goals, in long-term. I’m based on these criteria above to choose my 3 MITs every day.

2. No email, no information, no social network in morning.

The consuming habit in first-day of work/study is horrible.

Sometimes, when taking a break, I check mail or Facebook, just a new email, or notifications on Facebook, that make me waste all my morning.

Your brain is the most creative and concentrated on the first 2–4 hours after you wake up. Let the time for working on the most important project, deadline in silence, no distraction.

This is the best habit I want to make. I’m going to do this.

3. Sleep enough and take a nap in mid-day.

Your energy and willpower don’t last ever. In the afternoon, this is the best time for unproductive. I always get stuck, tired. Here the results:

  • I always make the wrong decision in the afternoon.
  • My code always gets bugs in the afternoon and I have to fix this in tomorrow.
  • I can’t control my emotion and start my Youtube, Facebook habit — the habit of consuming and laziness.

Take a nap at 12:00 PM or 3:00 PM help boost your productivity a lot. You can’t work or study straight 8-hours. It’s a crazy idea.

4. Take mini-break between working (or study) session.

Using Pomodoro technique as well. Working or studying 25 minutes and after that is 5 minutes-break.

If you can focus on 25 minutes, you can start small with 15 minutes and take 2' break.

When you feel can’t work or study anymore, just stand up and take a break. No Facebook or anything else, just silence or take a walk or workout.

5. Take note everything, make a schedule with it.

Your brain is used for thinking and solving problem, not for storing tasks and calendar. So, don’t remember, take note it or put it on your calendar app.

List everything you want to do, but make it in a context. You can solve the first-thing in this time, and then you can do the second thing, and while you wait for somebody check, you can do the third-thing. I often do something easy in 2 minutes when I have a meet and wait for somebody coming. That helps me can make use of my time.

Put your to-do list in context help you save more time and energy.

You own your schedule or schedule will own you.

Have a nice day for working and studying

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