How to start everyday with the power?

Day 18

Questions will shape your day.

Good questions lead you to good day.

Bad questions lead you to bad day.

When I wake up every day. I start my morning routine, and my best part is writing.

I write all my thoughts and ideas in my mind. And I start asking some questions to start my day?

- What 3 things I will do today to get results of this week?

- What 3 things I’m grateful for?

- What is today affirmation?

I know what I do today in morning, but when in the mid-day or evening, my willpower is going down. I can’t remember what I need to do and quickly procrastinate it.

Change something on my emotion

My solution is keeping asking one more question:

“What is my big motivation make me get up every day and show the world Who I am?”

On my flow on morning, I write down 3 things that inspiring me. You need to get the motivation based on 3 things you want to accomplish today. Because your willpower will be going down through day. Read again your motivation word will help you overcome procrastination.

Example: If I have to accomplish my deadline in my subject on today, even I don’t want so. I’ll set motivation word like “Finishing it will help me make a good score in this subject and become a great student.”

Recreate your motivation in mid-day

When you accomplish one thing, you should take a short break, without connection or distraction, remember the questions and meet your motivation again. Using visualization what you want will help you a lot.

Just asking and writing down the answer. I have different answers in each day but there are not important. In the long time, your answers will be clear. You don’t have to force yourself make a perfect motivation.

On what you’re going to do now, make motivation on it.

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