Day 18: One Nite Alone…

One of the most powerful things about Action Bronson’s music is the ability of his rhymes (taking in everything from fresh oysters out the sea to slow-cooked brisket) to make you hungry for really good food, even if it’s only on in the background. Brands should get him to write copy for them, and then put it in his songs.

When Prince kindly offers me some “baklava, or a bagel with cream cheese?” on this album, I’m less interested: the food doesn’t sound great but mainly Prince can’t convince me that he’s excited about it. Basically, I don’t think Prince should be left, for “One Nite” or more, alone.

Prince is skilled pianist (what instrument can’t he master?), and some of the songs with minimal vocals are the nicest here. You get the feeling he needs someone around to give a bigger performance to, but sometimes this can be a welcome change of pace. Before we get too sidetracked by the music, let’s first take a look at this cover. Can a semiotician please give me an idea of what’s going on here? This is an album from 2002. Yes, some of the CGI from Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers is terrible, but there wasn’t such a shortage of visual artists to mean they couldn’t help but bodge that, and then create this sleeve. Either that, or Prince saw sea punk coming a long way off, and was yet again trolling the world.

I really like the original, so I’m grabbing A Case Of U for the list. Still nothing reaching too far.

Album rating: 7.5/10

Playlist so far:

A Case Of U

She Spoke 2 Me (Extended Remix)

The Truth


Money Don’t Matter 2 Night

The Morning Papers

Melody Cool

Thieves In The Temple

The Future


Hot Thing

The Ballard Of Dorothy Parker

New Position

Girls & Boys

Pop Life

The Beautiful Ones

Purple Rain

Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)

Private Joy

Party Up

When You Were Mine

Why You Want To Hurt Me So Bad

Sexy Dancer

Crazy You