Day 6: ‘Purple Rain’

Holy fuck this has great songs on it, lots of them.

This album represented a big shift for Prince, taking him into mega-star territory, and deservedly so. The track-listing contains some of the biggest hits of Prince’s career. Musically it’s fantastic: big, emotional and at times sad, but mainly fun.

The invitation “let’s go nuts” is the perfect way to open the record, the oscillating synth that drives ‘I Would Die For You’ along is hypnotising as Prince lays everything out for the object of his affections and the shredding on ‘When Doves Cry’ is merely a hint of how the song is going to finish up. It sounds like despite working a lot out, he’s also enjoying himself. Perhaps this is linked to the ability to play the role of another character (Prince plays ‘The Kid’ in the ‘Purple Rain’ film).

This is also the first album Prince managed to properly close (with the help of The Revolution). He still opens strongly, but has the hits to fill up and finish the album too. The dying notes of ‘Purple Rain’, tangling with audience applause gives you just enough time to gather yourself before the strings die and you slide back into reality.

I once tried to watch the motion picture that accompanies this album after an extended session of partying, but my main recollection is that it was being very long and confusing. I’ve always accepted that this is the case but maybe it deserves a second viewing (with 6.3 on IMDB it seems to have been one that split the critics and fans).

It’s tricky to step around the obvious hits, because so much of this is still in heavy rotation, so I’m just going to pick one. Alongside ‘The Beautiful Ones’, which has a series of nicely layered melodies that sounds great together, I’m also having the title track too.

Anyway, this is a fucking great album. I’ve given in 10/10.

Album rating: 10/10

Playlist so far:

The Beautiful Ones

Purple Rain

Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)

Private Joy

Party Up

When You Were Mine

Why You Want To Hurt Me So Bad

Sexy Dancer

Crazy You