31 Days, 31 People
Day 06: GRETA

A lovely photo of Greta I found in her Facebook album. ❤

We became fast friends right when I moved to Panaca in fifth grade. She was two years older, I didn’t see Greta at all during the school days, but we hung out pretty much every possible moment outside of school for the next few years.

We felt a little too old for playing with Barbies, but we did play with them, and we loved it, so we made a code word for it: Landscaping. If we were going to be doing some “Landscaping” we were really going to play Barbies. Eventually, we did grow out of Barbies and we adopted Monopoly. I still love playing Monopoly!

Landscaping, Monopoly, National Lampoon’s Vacation, Overboard, Living in the attic, Riding the scooter, Disneyland, George Carlin saying, “No I don’t!” , Not scaring Grayce, Laughing to tears, Crying over boys, The Comet, Zion National Park, Cedar City, Trampoline, Bare feet, Laying out, Skittles & Vittles.

I can explain none of these and know she would read them and understand them completely.

Greta was well endowed with womanly curves at a relatively early age. By contrast, I was shaped like Olive Oyl most of my life. It was always a safe assumption that if boys were looking our way I could count myself out of the deal. It was a fascinating observation in human behavior every time. Greta was (and still is) beautiful, fun, and funny and we shared incredible times together in our youth.

Greta was, in many ways, my big sister. She helped me not dress quite so dork-ily, she helped me figure out how my hair worked. And believe me, there were a couple years there where I was a bit lost on all aesthetic and personal care fronts. We were perfectly honest with each other at all costs.

We’ve grown, we’ve made families and created beautiful lives for ourselves. We’ve stayed in touch on and off through the years and the distance. I love her every bit as much today as I did then. I cannot imagine who I would be without Greta in my life all those years.

A most humble and gracious thank you. You are and will always be a dear friend I hold close to my heart.



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