31 Days, 31 People

I started doing yoga after the doctor said I couldn’t run anymore during my pregnancy with Sophia, sometime in 2004. Occasionally, we’d do partner stuff in class, and I’d often get partnered with Stephanie, we’re about the same height and size.

I knew Stephanie socially, and that was about it. I knew she was an executive at The Wynn and her partner often came to class with her. Our teacher would have social get-togethers, and Steph was always just a really nice person and I enjoyed talking with her.

In late 2008 when I was pregnant with Zia, I stopped going to yoga. On the personal side of things, our company was struggling a bit in the economy, I wasn’t taking pay for a while. I got out of the yoga routine and I never quite got back into it the same way. And over the next few years I lost touch with most of my friends from yoga. I’d pop into a few classes now and then, and see many of the same faces I remembered from before. Stephanie was always one of them.

In early 2012, my dad wanted to get some tickets to the Garth Brooks show at The Wynn/Encore for he and my step mom’s anniversary. When I helped him explore options, we found that the only seats available were back row sorts of options, we bought them anyway and my dad made the comment, “These will be just fine! You probably have to know someone to get the good seats.” That reminded me, maybe I knew someone. I asked my yoga teacher if she’d pass my email address along to Stephanie, we connected, I asked if she may be able to help. We had the tickets, we wondered if there were a way to upgrade them. Stephanie no longer worked at the hotel, but introduced me to someone who helped us with a really fantastic seat upgrade. 2nd row, center. Even cooler, Stephanie and I decided to meet up for lunch, and we’ve been doing so almost once per month ever since.

Stephanie is such a huge inspiration to me. She’s a strong, independent woman. She’s a coach and is the person who inspired me to look into the whole coaching as a profession thing. We share a lot of insights from our careers and lives. We come at things from different angles and share the things we’ve learned along the way. Stephanie is deep, thoughtful and mindful. She’s academic and brilliant. I absolutely love having a friend like her.

I’m grateful for you, Steph. Thank you for openly sharing so much of who you are. You’re amazing!



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