31 Days, 31 People

Today’s post is a little different, I’m writing about eatdrink. More specifically, I’m writing about my friends and former coworkers from the eatdrink-Las Vegas office. Adam, Blake, Nick, Rob, Carol and Paula.

We had two offices, one in Las Vegas, one in Chicago. I still love and am grateful for every single person from both offices, so no slight intended that I’m putting my focus today on the folks from the Las Vegas office. I went back and forth quite a bit this morning on breaking everyone out into their own day versus putting them together. Here’s where I landed: eatdrink-Las Vegas, these were the people I worked face-to-face with every single day from 2004–2009.

Carol was our office manager until she moved, possibly in 2005, and we filled the position with Paula. Both of these ladies brought something absolutely awesome to the vibe of the office. And treats. They both brought in a lot of treats. I love these ladies!

The way our office was situated, you’d come in the front door and see Paula. My little office was directly behind her, to the left, stairs. Up the stairs, you’d find our fancy edit suite on one side and an open area on the other side where the guys had their tables and roly chairs.

These guys are awesome as individuals, of course, but there was some sort of magic in the combination of having them all together. Adam, Blake, Nick and Rob. I think anyone who knows them or who has worked with them knows exactly what I’m talking about. There was a resourceful creativity present, always. There were times when I’d be downstairs in my office all day working up project bids or information architecture or working through stuff with clients, I’d be exhausted or a bit down, the remedy? Five minutes upstairs. I didn’t have to even say anything, just walk upstairs and spend five minutes, I’d be laughing in no time. The funniest thing about that is that it wasn’t like they’d try to make me laugh on purpose. They were just existing as they would with or without my presence. These guys got their work done, that was never ever a problem. But these guys were fun and funny without even trying. Magic, I tell ya!

Almost every day at lunch time we’d pile into one or two of our vehicles and go somewhere for lunch. It didn’t matter where, because the ride to and from was just as important as where. It was always one of these guys telling some story, or just being who they are, and the result was almost always all of us laughing. It’s hard to drive when you’re laughing to tears.

I’m so, so grateful for the years I got to spend with these incredible people. The things I learned have carried me through so many years. I’m all at once sad, nostalgic and at peace with what we had and do not have right now. The positive outcome is, it seems that after we closed the office everyone went on to do bigger, better, more awesome things with their lives and careers. eatdrink was one of those important steps we all took in getting to wherever it is we’re going. I think one of the most important things I took away from my experience working with these awesome people was the value of fun and laughter, not just at work but in life.



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