31 Days, 31 People
Day 28: ANGELA

I’ve been really lucky in my life when it comes to other people’s families. My family has always been awesome, too, but friends welcoming me like family and the families of friends also welcoming me like family, when I look back across my life, that’s how it’s been. I feel quite astounded by that. My boyfriend’s only sibling Angela is a case in point on this for me. And much more than simply accepting me as family, Angela is mind-blowingly, inspiringly awesome.

Angela is two years younger than me, she lives in Chicago, she works for herself. She’s an interior and set stylist, see a few examples of her incredible work here. Creativity and impeccable eye for detail runs through this family like nothing I’ve ever seen. I’m inspired and at times, almost intimidated by it.

Angela has been just wonderful to get to know over the past handful of years. I love how close their family is. It’s always interesting to me when you have two siblings in a family that are very different from each other like Ken and his sister are, but despite a lot of differences, they are both really awesome. They get along really well and are close to their parents. I love close families, that feels like home to me.

Thank you for making me feel completely at home. I feel like I’ve known you for way longer than I have, you’re comfortable like that. I appreciate you helping me navigate some of the intricacies of your brother early on, and I really enjoy the time we get to hang out when you’re in my city or I’m in yours, or when we all go visit your folks.

Angela, I’m grateful for all that in the short time I’ve known you, but I think what I feel really grateful for is the idea of possibility you inspire. Where so many of my gratitude explorations have pulled from the past, there’s something energizing about the ideas and conversations we’ve had that inspire me toward the future. I feel like there’s even more I will be grateful for in knowing you as the years stack behind us.

It’s an honor to consider you a sister in my life. I appreciate all you do and look forward to a crazy-awesome future. I’m pretty sure we’ve got big stuff to do.