31 Days, 31 People
Day 30: KEN

Just when you think you’re broken beyond repair you start hanging out with someone who turns out to be one of the best things that ever happened to you.

We’ve been “in it” a few years now. I can’t believe multiple years have already passed, it feels like far less. That thing happened. I fell right into that let-go-completely kind of love. Love that makes you scared because you know one day it’s going to hurt so badly. Things could go south like relationships sometimes can. If not that, then most certainly death. It’s a depth of love I’d protected myself from for a long time. Here it is.

Ken is a ridiculously brilliant designer and always my first choice when it comes to working with a visual designer. Something I’m completely blown away by that he doesn’t seem to see in himself, is this incredible ability to simplify. It takes many of us a lot of time, effort, and editing to arrive at the simplest version of something. Ken arrives at simplicity almost immediately. This is part of what makes him so amazing to work with.

Ken and I have worked together quite occasionally over the past few years. When we’re not working on client projects we’re coming up with or trying out our own ideas. Someone once said to me in respect to working with Ken, “you need to get out of your comfort zone and work with other people” but I’m not sure this person understood fully. Life is far too short not to spend as much time as I can with the people I care most about. The choices I make are very deliberately designed around spending more time with my girls and with this man.

I’m grateful to experience someone like Ken in this lifetime. Ken is sensitive and gentle and considerate. He is wild and adventurous and rebellious. I often call him my cowboy, he doesn’t seem to quite belong in this world the way it is. Sometimes it seems like he was born in the wrong time. Maybe he was supposed to be a cowboy, out riding the range in the vast open space. The way his mind works, sometimes I’d swear he’s from the future. His mind is like that of a wise old man that knows far more than his 33-year-old shell would let on. He doesn’t seem like he was designed to belong in this strange suburban setting. But here he is. With me and my girls. He adds so much play and love and kindness to our lives. I feel really lucky to have found him.

It’s going to hurt really bad to lose you one day, Ken. But instead of protecting myself from that inevitable heartbreak, I’m all in. I’m grateful for every minute I get to spend with you.

Thank you for being in it with me.

“I ❤ you and Ken” illustration by Zia G. Newberry. December 2014



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