Pizza Cake

Last night I ate pizza for dinner. This morning I had cake for breakfast. Add those two together and this week was… a pizza cake!

While I have learned that these food choices cause me to feel slightly ill, this week has been a blast! Busy, but fun. The first day on the internship, one of our bigger projects was to assist in planning an event for interns and college students. Through this process we attended meetings with our partners, generated marketing material, encouraged people around town to attend, provided ideas, helped with the logistics, and the list continues. This past Wednesday we we had our first of the four events in the series. Below is an interview Dustin, the executive director, and I had on the news about the events. (Shout out to Lauren, our new communications director, for getting this hooked up!)

Needless to say, the event was wonderful and 36°N is nothing but fun-filled hard work with a variety of opportunities in every direction.

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