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Looking back on 2021

Before heading off full speed in what looks out to be an exciting 2022, we wanted to take time and reflect on the year that has just gone by. A lot happened in 2021, but here are our highlights for the year!

11 new investments 👋

In 2021, we kept ourselves more than busy and welcomed 11 new companies to our portfolio. Honoring our investment thesis, we led investments in bold entrepreneurs willing to take audacious bets on Deep Tech, Process Automation and Mass Consumer Disruption.

  • Beem Energy — a plug-and-play solar kit that can help produce up to 900W of power for households, empowering people to take control of their home energy with an outstanding user experience.
  • C12 Quantum Electronics — aiming at developing a unique quantum computing technology: a qubit that minimizes error rates for quantum computers.
  • Energy Dome — an energy storage technology company that fights climate change using CO2 as a working fluid in a closed thermodynamic process to store energy and make renewable power dispatchable.
  • Enspired — a solution paving the way for energy transition by enabling to bring flexible assets to European power spot markets and fully capture the value with their AI-based trading services.
  • Kampaay — the B2B Marketplace for corporate event organization offering personal assistance for virtual and in-person meetups.
  • Regate — a SaaS solution to facilitate and automate accounting workflows for CFOs and accountants, including invoicing, expense management and payments.
  • Unseenlabs — the satellite borne electromagnetic monitoring and intelligence solution, able to track from space all maritime traffic, on the path of becoming the world leader in radio frequency geolocation of ships.
  • Wakeo — a SaaS for overseas transport to help shippers and logistics service providers address disruption of international supply chain with multimodal real-time visibility, advanced analytics and environmental emissions tracking.

And through our Poli360 fund, aiming at supporting the research potential and leveraging the tech transfer for Politecnico di Milano, we led 3 investments in Lithium Laser, Eye4nir and Diag-nose.

13 exits 🍾

This year we exited 13 of our portfolio companies, out of which 3 were listed on the NASDAQ. To name only a few of them:

  • Alsid — Tenable completed the acquisition of Alsid, and the launch of an Active Directory integrated solution Tenable.ad.
  • Arbe Robotics (listed on Nasdaq) — the 4D radar imaging technology revolutionizes automotive sensing with an affordable, ultra-high-resolution sensor that delivers high-level performance in all environmental, weather, and lighting conditions.
  • Bergamotte — the leader in flower and plant online delivery in France has been acquired by Bloom&Wild, reinforcing the latter’s efforts to consolidate into a European leader in online flower delivery.
  • Innoviz (listed on Nasdaq) — the company develops High Definition Solid-State LiDAR sensors, providing precise imaging of an autonomous vehicle’s surroundings, helping in the vehicle’s autonomous decision making.
  • QAPA — the leading digital temp job agency, was acquired by recruitment specialist Groupe Adecco, in a move to digitalize job posting/searching.
  • Sophia Genetics (listed on Nasdaq) the cloud-based Software-as-a-Service platform that enables healthcare institutions to get quick, robust insights from their data.
  • Tediber — the leading D2C brand in the sleep industry, entered a new growth phase with an LBO operation.
  • Tiller Systems — UK fintech unicorn SumUp acquired the company specialized in smart connected POS solutions for restaurants.

Our NAV aggregated value surpassed €1B 💥

2021 proved to be a great year for our portfolio companies. We’re very much grateful to the entrepreneurs we’ve backed and glad to be counting them into the great 360 family. Looking at the current participation in our portfolio companies, this year the NAV aggregated value surpassed the billion euros!

Fueling strong fund performances 💸

Such impressive results for our portfolio companies transpired in our funds’ performances. Looking at our 4th generation of funds (Robolution Capital, 360 Square, 360 Capital 2011), the impact was particularly strong with a DPI increase of +0.6x, reaching 0.9x and a MOIC reaching 3.7x.

2 new team members 🤝

This year saw the 360 team grow and welcomed 2 new team members !

Thomas Nivard joined as Senior Associate to our fund. Prior to joining 360 Capital, Thomas was Head of Investment for an NGO in Cuba and worked as a consultant. He holds an M.B.A from INSEAD and has an engineering degree from Ecole Centrale Lyon

And myself, Clara Cornu, I joined 360 as an Analyst after finishing my studies at HEC Paris, where I completed the X-HEC joint degree in entrepreneurship.

Besides newcomers, 2021 saw the 360 team thrive with notably both Selma Gasc and Lucrezia Lucotti being promoted Associate 👏

…and more exiting news coming for 2022! 👀

2022 looks even more exciting than 2021! We’ll have amazing deals and news to share in the upcoming weeks and more talented people to join the 360 team… Stay tuned!!

PS: if a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is worth an infographic ?

The whole 360 Capital team wishes you and your loved ones a happy and healthy year. We look forward to a fantastic 2022 with you!



360 Capital is a Venture Capital firm investing in early stage, innovative deeptech & digital enterprises across Europe.

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