7 Sexcapades Every Couple Should Have In Their Bucket List

You’re quite proud of all the crazy sex styles you’ve done in the bedroom. But if you’re up to completing your sexual repertoire with your boo, by adding some awesome and crazy stuffs to your sexual accomplishments, you may want to consider adding these 7 things to your sexual bucket list.

Have “no-orgasm sex”
It may look pointless, but having a no-orgasm sex with your partner can actually help you break away from the predictable routine of regular orgasm sex. Doing this involves spending a lot of time building intimacy which can be achieved by looking directly into your partner’s eyes. This helps to release oxytocin- a bonding chemical that helps increase desire and establish a greater sense of intimacy. To increase the release of this sexual hormone, focus more on passionate kissing, smooching, breathing around your partner’s neck and blowing over the left side of your partner’s body to stimulate the pleasure side of his brain as opposed to focusing on the genitals. After having no-orgasm sex for a while, when you get to have orgasm, the sex would be way hotter.

Take a tantric trip together

Tantra is a sangria word meaning “wooden together”. Developing tantric intimacy with your partner is something that should be in your sexual bucket list. The breathing, swift movements, and muscle control practices allows you and your partner to share long-lasting pleasure experience accompanied by break-the-bed sex moves. Going on a tantric trip with your partner or practicing with them can only make your sex life more interesting and open you up to a new world of intimacy you never knew existed.

Get naked in nature

A lot of reasons can be ascribed to why sex outside is steamy and exhilarating asides the fact that it is risky. Nature has a lot of energy which can be a turn on for a lot of people. You can try having a sexual romp under a tree in the backyard of your house or late at night with the stars overlooking you. In all, this adventure is bound to spice things up and open new sexual adventures you never thought possible.

Try a Kama Sutra position

If you’ve ever gone through the Kama Sutra, you might be tempted to think it contains sexual positions reserved only for acrobats. However, there are a tons of positions available for couples who can contort their bodies to a certain extent. For instance, the Utphallaka pose, or The Flower Bloom, basically entails the woman raising up her vulva higher than her head while lying on her back and having her partner enter her from above. It sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? It might seem a little out of your comfort zone but it is worth trying especially because of the pleasure you and your partner would derive from it.

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