L-R: D2, Shizzy and Heych

The Most Horrible Phone Call I Have Ever Received

DISCLAIMER: This story does not have a happy ending. True stories don’t always do…

It was a hot night in Maiduguri, exactly a year ago…

I was an undergraduate student, full of dreams of being a successful musician and an enterprising entrepreneur. I and my closest friend, Ola Blaq, had just moved to a bigger apartment off campus — a huge improvement from the tiny enclosement we lived in for the first 3 years of our university lives.

I and Ola Blaq packing of our tiny apartment to the bigger one in late 2011.

It was a new semester, a new session and we had all the usual resolutions to do much better both in school and in having a great time. It was Blaq’s first night on off-campus that year as he had been away on I.T. (Industrial Training) for the past 6 months. We were looking for our friend Shizzy, whose birthday party was just 6 days ago and we had to miss because I and Blaq were having issues with our parents and couldn’t ask them to leave home for the party. We were in our parents’ home at the time of the party as our new home was not ready.

We told Shizzy;

“Don’t worry, bro. We will be around for next year’s party and we it will definitely be the shit!”

How stupid.

Shizzy was this eccentric, outgoing fun, talented and smart guy. He was also a bag of trouble, but the type you cannot do without.

Shizzy begging Von D not to beat him after he played a prank on Von (2011)

Anywho, I and Blaq decided to walk to our mutual friend Von D’s house instead and chill. Von D and Shizzy were best friends, while Blaq and I were best friends. We were all musicians in school — some of the biggest, and we sometime along the line joined forces and became close friends. Blaq and Shizzy were extremely good rappers, I was a singer that liked to delve into rap and Von D was undoubtedly the best producer in the university, and probably the city.

L-R: Blaq, I, Von D and Shizzy. This photo was taken on Von D’s birthday on 23 November, 2011.

We went to Von D and hung out. Watched movies, or played some FIFA on Von’s PC — can’t remember which. It started getting really late, and Blaq being new in town started asking that we leave back to our house. I say “being new in town” because while he was away, the Boko Haram situation in Maiduguri had escalated significantly. He did not want to get caught out late but I was a little less concerned because I was living the life daily and could not give much of a shit about the security issues. But I finally acceded and we left. This was about 10 o’clock and I was hoping we will get to see Shizzy before leaving.

According to Von D, Shizzy was (probably) out with his girlfriend, Heych who was also a musician and part of our little group. Heych was a rapper and a total bad ass. She was the perfect mix of being a bro and being a chick. She was always down with us, held her own and was an icon in the school already. Shizzy and Heych had the best relationship — none of that childish ish that should have been expected at our age, but a mature relationship that combined depth with fun.

The two were so close that people confused them for twins. Heych was also fun to be with for us as friends, and did not make anything awkward or weird in the group. We would all crash in the same room at Von D’s and his mom (technically, it was his mom’s house) will not even bat an eyelid because Heych was just…something else.

Shizzy was a Lil Wayne fan and caught the skateboarding craze from him
Shizzy and Heych at Surulere Stadium
You know when two people are equally crazy about each other?

While Von D’s place (or rather his mom’s) was on campus, he and Shizzy got a place off campus as well. Some 15 minutes walk from mine. But since Boko Haram made Maiduguri to have a curfew, they would both frequently spend night at Von D’s mom’s which was on campus (and not subjected to the curfew rules long as you were on university grounds) and spend any idle day in the crib off campus. Shizzy and Heych frequented the place more often, mostly to smoke some weed, record music…and other things.

Von D and Shizzy started a music crew called Sound Unit. D2 was one of the members.

They had a neighbour who was a close friend of theirs who they will just chill with sometimes and get high together. His name was D2, a soft-spoken, quiet guy. He was a rapper and me and Ola Blaq always reminisce onthe first time we saw this guy. It was at a live concert organized by Shizzy and Von D in our 100 Level, and D2’s performance was dope!

Anyways, I and Blaq were about to leave for our place and Von told us that Shizzy was probably in the other house. He said he hadn’t seen Shizzy for most of the day and that the guy’s phone wasn’t going through. Even though we were in dangerous Maiduguri, we were sure Shizzy could take care of himself. He always turned up.

I and Blaq walked home on Maiduguri’s deserted roads. We got home and eventually went to sleep.

I heard a loud crash and immediately sprang up, wide awake assuming it was a Boko Haram attack or something of the sort. Blaq was up too, and we realized it was just the curtain rod in our room that crashed down. Seems like the support nailed to the wall to hold the rod was not nailed properly.

We went back to sleep but before I could drift off, my phone rang. It was Von D. As I tapped the green button and brought the phone to my ear, a thousand thoughts raced in my head. I wondered why Von D was calling when we left his house about an hour ago and he knows we will meet first thing in the morning. Could he be looking for something that he thinks we might have taken? Did he need us to bring something the next day? I eventually said, “Hello?”. I can never forget the words Von D uttered next.

Man, I don’t know how to say this o…so I will just say it. I am hearing rumours that Shizzy and Heych were found dead in the crib…