013 : Essentialism

The Disciplined Pursuit of Less


In 1400s the word ‘priority’ appeared and it was pluralised in 1900s …go figure, why it took ~500 years.

Though I am an extrovert, I love solitude, where I get most of my word done.

I wake up everyday and choose to design my day the way I want it to be, and not let it go in auto-drive.

No matter what you hear — No matter what you see — No matter what you feel …give your un-divided attention to the ‘only few’ which will strongly influence your ‘goals’.

When you ‘focus’ a.k.a. un-divided attention on the ‘only few’ a.k.a. essential things, and learn to do less, you are your own craftsman able to design a fulfilling life.

Takeaways …

  1. Learn how to say ‘NO’
  2. Be your own ‘Editor’

Thanks ….

Blinkist : http://bit.ly/1E1sV9y

Greg McKeown : http://amzn.to/1E1sMTA

Cheers, PK

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