015 : Made to Stick

Why some ideas survive and others die

Made to Stick

You don’t need super glue or duck tape to make your idea stick.

The common thread that seem to weave through amazing stories, beautiful campaigns and ideas worth remembering have a general set of common characteristics.

The author in this book, sums it up by using the word S-U-C-C-E-S-s and it is further elaborated as…

Takeaways …

  1. Simple : find the core of your idea
  2. Unexpected : surprise people and grab their attention
  3. Concrete : can your audience comprehend your idea and remember it later
  4. Credible : give your idea credibility by making it believable
  5. Emotional : how will your customers give importance to your idea
  6. Story : the age old method, leave your customers with a narrative

Thanks ….

Blinkist : http://bit.ly/1u8sbJY

Chip Heath, Dan Heath : http://amzn.to/1DHvDne

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