Inaudible Tone Based Wireless Pet Fence (Idea 4 of 365)

Installing an invisible fence can cost hundreds of dollars and requires a wire be burried all around your yard.

This product idea would be a completely wireless solution that would instead rely on inaudible tones to determine your pets location.

This is how it would work:

  1. You install a small audio transmitter in the center of your dog’s play area.
  2. Your pet receives a new collar which is almost identical to the shock collars used for invisible fences.
  3. The collar listens for inaudible tones which it can use to determine the distance your pet is away from the transmitter.
  4. You can adjust the distance your pet can roam from the transmitter via an app.

The whole setup is completely transportable whether you go on vacation or move. You would just install little flags in the space to train your pet on the boundires.