How heart beats negativity

Money, relationships, emails… It’s easy to get caught up in one’s circumstances and problems. Sometimes, I catch myself thinking, obsessing over some problem instead of enjoying something simple like a good lunch.

To help me shake off this obsessing and worrying, I’ve discovered an exercise that let’s me see the beauty of life again. It’s not some esoteric exercise either, it’s simple, based on a principle confirmed by research.

Practicing gratefulness is one path to long-term happiness.

Ready to be happier? Follow my instruction.

Place a hand over your heart and feel its beat. Seriously, put your hand away from the mouse or touchpad and put in over your heart. Can you feel its beat?

That heart has been beating for you your whole life. You didn’t have to instruct it to beat for you, you didn’t have to pay it to beat, it’s been there all your life, silently, relentlessly beating for you.

And it keeps beating. No matter your trouble in life, it’s there, pumping life through your veins.

It’s a gift.

For a moment, say two minutes, keep your hand on your heart and just feel its beat.

Feeling the beat of my heart, I’m aware of the most basic fact — I’m alive.

It resets my thinking. It puts distance between me and my problems.

Whatever challenge I’m facing, my heart is there like a good friend, supporting me. It ensures I live to overcome it and live to tell the tale.

Remember that your heart beats for you, day and night.

Take a moment to be grateful for the gift of your heart.