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Microsoft Teams Coexistence Mode Changes & Caching Delay

Coexistence Modes (Image from here)

What are coexistence modes?

The Change

  1. Set the few eager-beavers explicitly to Islands mode
  2. Change the organisational default coexistence mode to SfBWithTeamsCollab

Wait, then wait some more…

Change Timeline

  • < 1 hour: Coexistence change took affect on client. Chat and Calling apps no longer showing after login
  • ~18 hours: Messages still being sent to Teams despite SfB coexistence mode. Fresh download of client cache made no difference. Suspect service cache not updated yet.
  • ~22-24 hours: Correct coexistence mode starting to show for some users in web client and other machines. Would show in desktop client if fresh client cache download was forced.
  • ~36 hours: Changes confirmed on non-forced client.

Lessons Learned



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